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Project Description
Activate and deactivate one or more Windows Services in one click (two clicks in reality)

My job of consultant at Bewise requires me to have lot of application on my laptop (SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SharePoint Server and more).
Even with a 4Go RAM Laptop, sometimes, for example when I want to use Virtual PC, I have to stop some Windows Service to get more free memory.

So, I developed this tool (Profile Manager).
With it, I can create "Profile" and activate or deactivate in one click ! For each profile, I can specify which Windows services I want to start (or to stop) when I activate it and even when I deactivate it. The first screen shot shows how to create a profile.


When you finish to create one (or more profile), use the contextual menu to activate, deactivate, edit or delete it has shown as the next screen shot


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